Wednesday, 29 February 2012

HOw to add the Profiles in the Outlook

GO to Control pannel-----> Mail setup------>double click--->show profiles-->enter profile nme and the details---->save.

to put delegated:

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

To declare the selection option table

  TYPESBEGIN OF gts_pfunc,
        sign TYPE char1,
        option TYPE char2,
        low TYPE  vbpa-parvw,
        high TYPE vbpa-parvw,
       END OF gts_pfunc.
       REFRESH gdt_pfunc.
  lds_pfunc-sign = gcf_i.
  lds_pfunc-option = gcf_eq.
  lds_pfunc-low = gcf_we.
  APPEND lds_pfunc TO gdt_pfunc.
  lds_pfunc-low = gcf_ze.
  APPEND lds_pfunc TO gdt_pfunc.
  lds_pfunc-low = gcf_sb.
  APPEND lds_pfunc TO gdt_pfunc. 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Useful statements to display date and message

WRITE sy-datum TO ldf_date DD/MM/YYYY.

      l_text = 'Finance Report (Critical Fields)'(736).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

To fetch the country name , if we know country key

Select the country key from the table KNA1- land1
and provide country key(LAND1) and language in the T005T table and select LANDX(Country name).

To handle currency fields (to display in , format)

  * To Change Total GST number format to x,xxx,xxx.xx
  CLEAR: ldf_total_gst,

  WHILE ldf_total_gst2 IS NOT INITIAL.
    IF sy-index = 1.
      CONCATENATE ldf_total_gst ldf_total_gst2+12(3INTO ldf_total_gst.
      CONCATENATE ldf_total_gst2+12(3) ldf_total_gst  INTO ldf_total_gst.
    SHIFT ldf_total_gst2 BY 3 PLACES RIGHT.
    CHECK sy-index <> 1.
    IF ldf_total_gst2 IS NOT INITIAL.
      CONCATENATE  ',' ldf_total_gst INTO ldf_total_gst.

  IF ldf_total_gst+0(1) = ','.
    ldf_len = STRLEN( ldf_total_gst ).
    ldf_total_gst = ldf_total_gst+1(ldf_len).


*** replace all occurrences of ',' in ldf_total_gst with space.
*** condense ldf_total_gst no-gaps.
*** replace all occurrences of ',' in ldf_total_amount with space.
*** condense ldf_total_amount no-gaps.
***  ldf_total_gst3 = ldf_total_gst.
***  ldf_total_amount3 = ldf_total_amount.
***  ldf_total_gst3 = ldf_total_gst3 + ldf_total_gst1.
***  ldf_total_amount3 = ldf_total_amount3 + ldf_total_amount1.
***  ldf_total_gst2 = ldf_total_gst3 .
***  ldf_total_amount2 = ldf_total_amount3.
  ldf_total_gst2 = ldf_total_gst1 .
  ldf_total_amount2 = ldf_total_amount1.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Status symbols and to delete a particular value in string

 gcf_reds(4)        type c           value '@0A@',      "To get red symbol
 gcf_gre(4)         type c           value '@08@',      " to get green symbol 
 gcf_yel(4)         type c           value '@09@',
            " to get yello symbol

replace all occurrences of ',' in ldf_total_gst with space.
 condense ldf_total_gst no-gaps.