Wednesday, 11 June 2014

HANA analytic Privilege

To provide the access for a view or table to a specific user - Right clock on the package and select Analytical Privilege

Stored Procedures(like function module):   we can define the procedure(with native sql) and we can call in out program by required input and output parameters

to call any procedure we haveto start with _SYS_BIC( all the abap objects will be saved here)   .

We can create the Interface for the stored procedure and we can use that as a in ABAP program and we can directly call the procedure in the program without any Native sql, but here the database should be HANA database.

Go to ABAP stack and go to package
right click on package
Select other ABAP repository object
search with PROXY
click on database procedure proxy
click a name for your proxy and select the proxy required and complete it
It will generate an interface for this which we can use in program

  DATAlt_cust_early TYPE TABLE OF if_ha400_early_and_late=>et_early,
        lt_cust_late  TYPE TABLE OF if_ha400_early_and_late=>et_late.

  CALL DATABASE PROCEDURE ha400_early_and_late
                    iv_number pv_number
                     et_early lt_cust_early
                     et_late  lt_cust_late.

  ct_cust_early lt_cust_early.
  ct_cust_late  lt_cust_late.

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